Aftermarket upgrades. We love them. You love them. Jeeps. Another thing you and I both love. What we have here today is a beefed up Jeep known as the LSX Willys. The LSX is a 1952 Willys Jeep that has been modified with a 3 LS based engine. It also features a F1 Procharger and NOS. It regularly participates in Street Car Takeover events all around the country.

The LSX Willys is a Dream-Rod

The videos below feature the aftermarket Jeep hot rod going up against the likes of Corvettes, motorcycles, and even a Porsche. You can also see it take flight as it comes off the line. It may not win every time, but it sure is powerful.
There is a wealth of videos of the super powered Willys doing its thing on the pavement. While Jeeps are typically made for off-road operations, this racing Jeep was definitely worth sharing. Let's say you had all the cash you needed to mod your Jeep. Which route would you go? Off road all the way? Or would you go the street-racer route and add Nos? Tell us in the Facebook comments bar!

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