Weathertech Floor Liners and Cargo Mats Super Bowl Ad

What's more American than the Super Bowl Football game and WeatherTech? Because as you're watching the big game on the weekend, WeatherTech will be showcasing it's great products in an ad during the game. So what's the big deal you say? First of all, WeatherTech products are Made in the  U.S.A. Yeah, right here in Chicago. With American workers bringing you some of the best Floor Liners and Cargo Mats on the market. Their liners are made with digital laser measurements, with high tech manufacturing. So you know that they'll fit perfectly to the contours of the foot well or cargo space. No "one fits all" junk here, WeatherTech takes their mats and liners seriously. There's no second place for making the correct product that fits like it should. No trimming, no cutting, no sloppy moving mats. We're talking liners that stay right where they ought to. Using materials from the U.S.A., they're making products you can depend on to last a long time, but also to protect your Jeep or Truck from the harshness of mud, rain, snow and sludge. Special designed grooves are incorporated within the mats to keep fluids and chemicals away from your feet, and channel them out of the way. But go ahead and get the products dirty, because you can just pull them out of the vehicle and hose them off quickly and easily. Then once again, they're ready to tackle whatever debris you can throw at them. In this day and age, it's not easy keeping Americans working and on the job when many products are made overseas. But WeatherTech knows that quality is important, and that keeping that quality level high, and  in house, depends on hard working employees and materials. Like we said, the Super Bowl and WeatherTech are about as American as you can. So when you see their ad, think about those Americans taking pride in a product you can depend on, a product that you'd be proud to use in your own Jeep or Truck.