Note: This article was updated on March 31 with added information. It's really hard to say when the first Jeep Wave happened. Chances are it was during WWII when two soldier passed each other in the English countryside, going to or from the wars front lines driving an MB. Once the Jeep became a civilian vehicle, the waves never stopped. On America's country roads, fellow neighbors waved at each other in passing as a friendly way to greet each other and acknowledge, "Hey, life is good driving a Jeep!".

Jeep Waves Are the Greeting for Owners

Jeep owners tend to be outdoor folks who enjoy some sunshine, cool mountain breezes, camping, hunting, and just general all around back to nature living. A select group of owners who have that special off-road vehicle that has a long history at being the best at what it does. When you do the Jeep Wave, you're letting another Jeep owner know that, at heart, you're in the same club. You share the adventure of a select few: those who chose a Jeep above all other vehicles. Whether it's a Wrangler or a Cherokee, you're part of the family. You must show respect and give the all important Jeep wave.

Jeep Wave Customer Support Program

While Jeep Waves are informal, and based on a hand gesture, it looks like Jeep may be taking it a bit further. The term "Jeep Wave" is now a new Customer support program, specifically targeted to Jeep consumers. THe program is a package of benefits to Jeep owners aiming to rewards loyalty and enhance Jeep ownership.

Eligible 2016 Jeep Models:
  • Cherokee Trailhawk
  • Grand Cherokee Overland, Grand Cherokee Summit, and SRT®
  • Renegade Trailhawk
  • Wrangler (All)
Please note that  owners of "MY2015" vehicles can pay an annual fee to experience the benefits of the program. Non Jeep vehicles are not illegible. Owners need to create a  Mopar® Owner Connect account. Each member will receive a membership card and can check the status of their membership 24/7.

Benefits of Jeep Wave Program

While this is not an exhaustive list of program benefits, you can expect (based on the time of this writing, 3/31/16) the following:
  • Exclusive Jeep Owner Support Hotline
  • Free Maintenance
  • VIP treatment and Jeep events
  • Trip Interruption Protection
  • First Day Rental Coverage
  • Savings Network and App
For more information and participation requirements, visit Have you joined the Wave Program? What do you think about the benefits? Or would you prefer to fix your Jeep with a few friends?

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