Why Sway Bar Disconnects?

Anytime a Jeeper does any serious off-road driving, they usually disconnect their front sway bar. This increases the articulation of the front axle in your Jeep. The solid front axle sway bar is not too difficult to disconnect; a wrench to hold the bolt and a socket to remove the nut. But you still need (the right sized) tools and while taking the end links off is straight forward, putting them back together is a bit time consuming. What better solution than quick disconnects for your front sway bar! Morris 4x4 Center holds many different brand and heights for your Jeep and are a must for off-road wheelers. With an easy pull of a pin (each side will have a pin), your Jeeps sway bar will be disconnected and will free up your front solid axle. More flexing means better off-road handling and stability, as you crawl your way to victory.  Check out your options today! Flex- sway bars disconnected img_7148-small
No Flex- sway bars connected