Winch Accessories for Your Jeep Wrangler at Morris 4x4 Center

Winch Accessories
So now you have that great aftermarket winch from Morris 4x4 Center, but is there anything to go with it? Is their anything else you need? Glad you asked ! Because there are several parts and accessories you can use, some you may even need, to make your winch an effective recovery tool. Hopefully you have a winch ready bumper. Chances are you do, but just in case you need to take a look at them, here's a quick look at our Jeep Bumpers. One thing you may want to get are some Winch Shackles. Since the end of you winch line typically has a hook on it, a winch shackle will allow you to quickly convert it to a loop style shackle. They can also allow you to hook different kinds of shackles together, and different lines. We also recommend getting some extra D-ring shackles. Again, these can help you hook up any vehicle for towing or recovery. They also allow you to hook up, or hook up your lines / straps to a vehicle that may not have any hooks or a way to be attached to a line, such as an everyday 2WD sedan car. Factor 55 Shackle

Another product you may want to get a couple of are heavy duty Snatch Pulleys. Used properly, these multi-purpose snatch blocks can double the pulling power of any winch, or change your pulling direction without damaging the wire rope. They also help to reduce heat build up and amp draw, giving more life to your winch.

Another handy device is a Winch Line Stopper. We carry a nice one in our Rugged Ridge® Winch Line. It's constructed of heavy duty rubber that will compress under load, keeping the winch line and hook tight without damaging your hawse or roller fairlead. The Stopper acts as an isolator and eliminates obnoxious hook rattle when the winch is spooled in. Unlike other models, the Rugged Ridge® Winch Line Stopper is easy to install and does not require removing the hook or cable. We also carry extra winch lines, or if you want to change from rope to steel, or back again. The older lines do occasionally break in severe conditions, and they can also show signs of wear, so at Morris 4x4 Center, we carry a variety of replacements, whichever kind you need. Poison Spyder Fairlead
Fairleads are also one of the parts that can get some severe use. While they rarely break, you can replace them, upgrade them,. or swap them out for another style. We carry many different kinds of fairleads to handle your recovery needs, for whatever kind of winch you have. Winching yourself out of a situation comes with the territory in a Jeep. An easy and fast way to hook up to a stationary object (typically a tree) is a Bubba Rope Tree Hugger. It's extremely strong, ready to use, and it can be a lifesaver. Another handy accessory is the Ultimate Winch Grab. It allows you to quickly and easily grab the end of a winch line and pull it any distance with ease. This is especially useful if you don't have your gloves handy. Rugged Ridge Winch Grab
If your Jeep sits out side most of the time (if you're lucky right? Fresh open air !). You may want to get a cover for the winch. Just to try and minimize moisture and getting wind blown sand internally on the unit. Why not protect your investment? It's easy. Now you have all this gear to go with your winch, and it sounds like a lot, but most of the objects are small, which can make them even more of a hassle to keep track of. The best idea is simply to get a great recovery bag from Morris 4x4 Center. Many of these parts are metal, and hefty, so you need a durable bag that can keep them inside and can stand the years of use. It's no problem of course, we have you covered, be sure and check out all the different recovery bags we have. We also carry Starter Recovery Kits which include a bag, and can get you going in a hurry. Winch Accessories These are the most common items a Jeep owner would use, especially on the trails. You might have the best winch ever made, but if you are short a D-ring or a shackle that you need, your recovery problem comes to a stop. They are a vital tool to go with your winch. But it's no problem here at Morris 4x4 Center, because we carry all these items to make your winch a smooth recovery tool. Happy trails !