Would You Ditch Your Jeep for a Ford Bronco

The only 4x4 vehicle to have more rumors attached to it than a Jeep is the Ford Bronco. Considering Ford hasn't made one since 1996, nearly 20 years, you can bet there are plenty of stories of how Ford might bring back their first "SUV". When 4x4 fans think of the Bronco, what they're really thinking about, or rather, reminiscing about, is the 1966 to 1977 body style. The one that had a small wheelbase, and was very basic (much like a Jeep from the 1960's and 1970's). With a low body weight and a V8, power and trailing was no problem for that early generation. Now, if you're a Bronco fan, you've seen this Ford Concept truck making the rounds. For years. Always tempting, always teasing, but never actually delivering. No follow through. It seems most 4x4 folks like it (I like it, but I'd rather have some better offroad rims on mine). But it's a long hike to the Ford store to get one, because it just hasn't happened. They're not available. And you want rumors? Take your pick. Different engines choices, aluminum bodies, maybe a removable hard top (like a Jeep, but all the past Broncos already had that option). What year will it be out? Don't hold your breath. Ten years from now you might be looking at this same concept vehicle. Some rumors say it might be built on an F150 Pickup Truck chassis. The shortest wheelbase available on a 2015 F150 is 122 inches. The original Broncos had a wheelbase of only 92 inches. A JK Wrangler Unlimited has a wheelbase of 116 inches. I guess it depends on another Bronco rumor: two doors or four? It's important to have a short wheelbase for trailing and rock climbing. But that's just me thinking out loud. I would never say it would be a contender to replace a Jeep. With thousands of aftermarket parts and accessories already available for Jeeps of all kinds, Ford would be seriously late to the party with a new Bronco. At this point, it wouldn't be much more than a smaller version of the Ford Explorer. While Ford may be good at fishing with a concept truck, we're not ready to catch that bait just yet. We don't need rumors. We still have the Jeep Wrangler, and that's a solid fact.