Wrangler JK Products for Under $50 at Morris 4x4 Center

skid row jeep pegs at morris 4x4 center

We all like to spruce up our Jeeps. It's an old joke that once you get started you can't stop. Off road parts are like a fine wine to a Jeep owner. They just make everything better. Jeep parts come all kinds, shapes, colors, finishes, and weights. It could be a 100lb front bumper or something as casual as a billet interior trim piece. But no matter what it is, it's something to to make your Jeep better for YOU, to show your style and let you express yourself. But let's say you want to customize your Jeep some, but you don't know where to start? How about starting small, meaning, let's see how much bang you can get for your buck here at Morris 4X4 Center. How about some Wrangler items that are under $ 50.00? Let's take a look at some items that won't bust your paycheck, and might just leave just enough dough in your back pocket to take your other half out to a decent meal.
  • Rugged Ridge Aluminum Fuel Door - Install this fuel door in minutes, and give your Jeep an instant new look. It's durable and resistant to fuel and grease. And fits right over the old one.
rugged ridge aluminum jeep fuel cover
Smittybilt Euro Guard Set - This set covers and protects you Headlights, Turn Signal lights, and Side Marker Lights. For one low price you can get them all at one time. These are powder coated black, and drilling is involved to install them. best of all, they look good! smittybilt euro guards for wranglers
  • KC HiLites Apollo Pro 6" Driving Light - We carry a lot of great lights, and KCHilites is a top brand. and guess what, you can get one of their lights from us for less that $ 50.00! How about that? and I mean a good one! The Apollo Pro light has a sleek flat (thin) profile, and features an optical glass lens. This light puts out a serious beam of light!
  • kc hilites for jeep wranglers
  • Poison Spyder Tramp Stamp - The name says it all. You can get a great quality part for your jeep like Poison Spyder for less than a $50.00 bill! and that's not easy (well, it's easier when you shop at Morris 4x4 Center!). This Tramp Stamp fits over your vent on your tailgate, which is usually exposed after you remove your tire carrier. It's CNC laser cut, and made from aluminum. You know when someone sees a Poison Spyder part on your Jeep, they'll thing you spend a fortune, even though you know you didn't!
  • poison spyder wrangler tramp stampDrake Off Road Dash Console Tray - Ok, time to stop that stuff you throw on your dash from flying around. No excuses. This puppy will only set you back some loose change, but it's going to be the coolest and most used part in your interior. This Drake Console Tray is made to fit the factory contours of your dash on your Jeep and has a rubberized foam, anti slip pad to keep your gear in check. No more, "Whoops, there went my phone down the canyon wall like last year !".
  • drake offroad tray for jeep wranglers
    Aries Windshield Light Brackets - Ready to add some lights to your Jeep the easy way? Hook up with these Windshield Light Brackets from Aries. They bolt right up with the stock windshield hinge bolt location, so no drilling or welding is needed. Made of carbon steel, they'll last for many years, and allow you to mount a couple of driving lights on your Jeep in just a few minutes.
  • aries jeep wrangler light mount brackets
  • Rugged Ridge Tail Light Euro Guards - These great looking Euro Guards will help protect those rear lenses on the trails, and they look good too! Best of all, they install in just minutes with no drilling. You even get a nice rubber gasket to go between the Guard and your Jeep, protecting your finish and paint.
  • rugged ridge wrangler taillight euro guards
    Smittybilt Soft Top Storage Boot - Keep your factory soft top protected and stored safely with this great Storage Boot from Smittybilt. Made from durable materials, it's easy to use and tough enough to withstand the weather and harsh sun rays. Keeping your top stored from blowing away or stuffed under a seat in the way.
  • smittybilt jeep wrangler soft top storage
    Skid Row JK Foot Pegs - Like to drive with your doors off? Get comfortable with this great pair of Foot pegs by Skid Row! Just pop them into the existing door hinge post and away you go! They also have a rubber snubber to protect your paint, and have the letters "JK" laser cut into them for the hottest look around!
  • skid row wrangler jk foot pegs
    Rampage HiLift Jack Mount - Looking to get that HiLift Jack mounted and out of your way? Grab this Rampage Jack Mount and secure that jack on the back of your Jeep in just a few minutes. Problem solved ! It's made of powder coated steel, so it can stand the outdoors and hard weather, ready to go!
  • rampage hi lift jack mount for jk wranglers
So there you go, Some great deals to get your Jeep looking good, but add some funtional parts too, without breaking your bank. All at your favorite place for Jeep parts. the Morris 4X4 Center!