Wrangler Pickup on the 2018 Jeep UK Line Up

Who’s ready for a Jeep Pickup? We are. It’s gone from rumors to concepts, to stealth pictures, to Jeep saying we will see it in 2018 … We can’t hold our breath any longer …. we’re turning blue! We firmly believe the desire for a Jeep pickup (it will probably be based off the JK Wrangler, or it’s replacement), is robust. We see it as Jeeps + Pickups = the American way of life! If you think we’re on fire about the coming truck, the UK (United Kingdom) is already taking a look at bringing some of them over there. Right now they only import around 500 Wranglers a year. Why? Not because they want to…it’s because the Jeep in Toledo Ohio can’t make the fast enough, even going 24/7, to meet the worldwide demand! (those 500, by the way, are right-hand drive - God Save the Queen!). That doesn’t mean they can’t get Jeeps, the Renegade is made in Italy, and the UK can get as many of those as they want to sell. But come on, what they really want is Wranglers and Wrangler Pickups! The FCA sees the new pickup as a product to further its sales and brand. It will incorporate a steel frame and some aluminum panels to save weight. Options are a 3.0L diesel and a gas (petrol) four-cylinder turbo engine. This is a big leap, and the Wrangler plant can’t keep up with demand as it is. The new Wrangler Pickup will put some pressure on Jeep to meet demand even more. Jeep is already investing $700 million to make even more Wranglers, around 350,000 a year. The pickups are projected to add another 50,000 units over that. There aren’t any concrete figures on how many of the pickups will go to the UK just yet. We imagine it will depend on how many can be mass produced and the time frame. And it should be driven by pre-orders and demand from Jeep enthusiasts from around the world.