It's here! The Wrangler pickup was seen recently during test runs. It's like Christmas came early! Many thanks to Road and Track for bringing this update to our attention. There aren't many pictures of the prototype available, but here's what we have. wrangler-pickup-test-drive-top-side wrangler-pickup-test-drive-top-side-rear It's good to see the Wrangler truck coming to fruition. We know it's been a long time coming and we've reported on it for as long as we can remember. At this point, it wasn't a question of whether it was going to happen. It's just good to see progress. With 700 jobs being added to the Toledo production plant, a lot of effort will be put toward the Wrangler pickup. The previous renderings from back in May seem to be spot-on. As usual, anything we "know" about the new Wrangler truck is speculation. It might have tarp all over it, but it looks good so far. Just imagine adding a roof rack, lift kit, and stinger to what you see here. Man, we're looking forward to the possibilities! Jeep fans: tell us your thoughts on the new Wrangler pickup spy photos? Sound off in the comments! Click to Share! Follow Us! Read More: