Wrangler Resident Gives Jeep Tour

We've been seeing a lot more of this lately. First it was Dan Grec and then that lovely Jeep couple. Now Jake Wettern is taking his turn and showing us all his secrets to living in his Jeep Wrangler. While his rig might not be as complicated as Dan's (Dan's got a water filtration system and refrigerator, by the way) it gets the job done, nonetheless.
Wetten used to live on a sailboat. Living mostly in solitude, he became depressed and decided to do something about it - he taped himself dancing and merrymaking alone on his boat. From there he decided to make the most of his life and document it via a Youtube vlog. You can see Day 1 Prep video where sets up his rig. Like I said earlier, it's nowhere near as sophisticated as Grec's but it works for him. And even though his rig and videos are really simple, there's something addicting about them. To boot, it almost feels like this is how living out of (and in) a Jeep is authentically "supposed" to be. If you like his videos or support his nomadic lifestyle, you can contribute to his journey and help him to keep on trucking (read: Jeepin'). You can follow his Facebook channel too. Here's to all the things you can do with a Wrangler! What would you do if you had this opportunity? Tell us in the comments!

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