Watch this Jeep Drive Up a Steep Hill

Watching a Jeep drive up a steep hill never gets old. Slow and steady gets this Jeep driver up a sharp, nearly vertical climb. Nevermind that the JK Wrangler looks almost stock from here. There's a lot to be said for driver ability and confidence in these cases. The onlookers shout to him (or her?) in support until the driver makes it to the top safely.

Jeep Being Manufactured in China

Last year, Jeep started to manufacture the Cherokee model in China, where this was action was captured. So it's a good thing that they're hitting the trails and enjoying themselves. This Wrangler would have been made in Toledo, Ohio, though. With the Chinese demand for Jeep coming in second to the US, it was clearly a solid strategic move made on behalf of FCA. And by the looks of it, this was not the first time this skilled (or lucky) owner got their jeep to drive up a hill like this. Either way, kudos to the driver for getting up such a steep incline. We've seen some drivers attempt crazy feats who haven't come out on top. Hey, everyone wants a Jeep... and this video is a big reason why. Because they're a blast to drive! Have you ever driven up a hill as steep as the one in the video?