Wrangler Tomahawk 6x6

The Wrangler Tomahawk is a 6x6 vehicle crafted by Chinese company called G. Patton. Cut behind a standard Wrangler's C-pillar an extra axle is added to to the rear, along with an enclosed truck bed. To offset the extra weight of the additional axle, wheels and bed a supercharger was added to the standard 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar gasoline engine. Its 17 inch alloy wheels were topped off with new 35 inch Mickey Thompson tires. Other add-ons include an electric winch, extra long fender flares in the rear, a roof rack, and an aftermarket front grille. G. Patton showed off their monstrous creation at the Chengdu Auto Show earlier this month. Have a look at some other angles below. Wrangler Tomahawk Army Green Tomahawk Sidesteps Tomahawk Signage Tomahawk Supercharger Wrangler Tomahawk Rear We like it! I mean it doesn't have a grappling hook launcher like the Ferret, but it's still a really cool modded Wrangler. We aren't sure if it's going to be produced in any capacity, but if it is, it will only be available in China. That's okay, there are so many custom shops stateside that we're sure you could mod your Wrangler like this if you had the time and resources. For now, we'll stick to our (often self-finished) aftermarket mods. How do you like the 6x6 Tomahawk Wrangler? Tell us in the comments!

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