Yakima Bike Racks

Yakima Bike Racks, are now available at Morris 4x4 Center! You are trailing your Jeep, why not trail your bikes? Easy to do, but if you want to hit some new trails, farther away than you have ever been, you need to bring your bikes to get you there. The Yakima Bike Racks install in the receiver hitch of your Jeep or truck. Making them fast to get on and load up with your bikes. They have a Strongarm pivoting wheel that secures the bikes, all without touching the frame (avoiding scratches). If you need access to the back of your vehicle, the rack tilts downward out of the way, even when loaded with bikes! To keep your bikes comfortable, from hitting each other, you can make side adjustments to the rack and space them apart; it is especially useful if you have different bikes that are various sizes.
The Yakima Holdup model is a standard rack that holds two bikes. However, they also carry the Yakima Ridgeback that easily carries four. When you are not carrying bikes, the whole frame will fold up to be smaller and out of the way. As with most bike racks, there is some assembly required. However, a simple multi-hand tool and a hex key are included to assemble the product with ease.  Two keys and a hitch lock are also included to secure your Yakima Bike Rack. There’s even an integrated locking cable to secure the bikes to the bike rack itself. If you run a spare tire on the back of your Jeep, Yakima has you covered. They also make a SpareRide Bike Carrier that can carry two bikes, and attaches directly to your spare tire's mounting so it bolts up quickly and easily. There’s a SuperCush ZipStrap that cradles the bikes, and makes it easier to load and unload them. An integrated SKS lock is included to secure the bikes against theft and help secure them. The carrier itself is made from durable steel components. Yakima is located in Oregon, USA. So you know that they live for the great outdoors, and understand what it means to bike long trails and get away from the daily grind of life. With their new bike racks, they just made it easier for you to hit the trails - the bike trails - whenever you're ready.