There’s nothing more exciting that getting your Jeep situated with the look you want. You know, ordering the best-looking parts, bolting on those bumpers and fender flares, maybe rolling high with a killer lift kit and some oversized tires and rims. Nothing wrong with that, right? It certainly won’t stop Gary Sanchez of the New York Yankees from taking his new Jeep JK Wrangler to an all new level. You did not think he was going to roll on a body stock Jeep, did you? Never going to happen.

Yankee Player Pimps out his Jeep Wrangler

We think the Jeep has a distinct look, without going crazy with aftermarket chrome parts or adding layer after layer of gaudy pieces that just don’t work. It has all the right moves. While at first glance to a non-Jeeper, it might look kind of stock, it has got the goods just where they are needed. The stock bumper on his Jeep is long gone. The new bumper is packing a fairlead and winch, and what looks like a couple of spot lights. The tires and rims are new. The wheels seem to have white accents to match the overall clean and modern scheme. There's a LED light bar up on top. The oversized fender flares have been added and painted to match the body. There are four smaller spot lights on the front windshield hinges. There's a side step as well, painted to match the Jeep. The Jeep will make its big debut in 2017 on the Velocity TV Network, with an all new reveal. We hope they delve deep into the modifications. We see a few ideas that would look good on almost any JK Wrangler. Say, you think Gary will mind if we copy a few design ideas?