YJ Roars with Lexus V8 Engine

You may have seen this Lexus V8 engine powered YJ Wrangler elsewhere. But we just couldn't resist sharing how amazing it sounds. You can say what you want to about this or that engine. You can complain about it not being American. But just listen to it for a second.
Sounds awesome right? What you're hearing is a 1UZ V8 engine from a 1995 Lexus LS400. Who knew? Jeep owners are probably the most inventive and resourceful people on Earth. From homemade Jeep door storage, to lifting the Cherokee KL without a factory kit, Jeepers have time and time again proved their ingenuity. Check out this bad boy pull a fellow Jeep out of the mud here. You can say what you want, but it looks like this YJ is getting it done. Thanks to the people at roadandtrack.com for this epic find! What do you think about the Lexus V8 Engine Powered YJ? Tell us in the comments!

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