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Part of the appeal of a Jeep is the ability to enjoy that open-air feeling while zipping down the road. Owners with soft tops have the option of going topless, or putting it back up when bad weather threatens. While the hardtop lasts longer, you’ll sacrifice that open-air ride that Wranglers are famous for. As far as modifications go, this one is one of the easier mods to tackle.

Soft tops for Jeeps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from OEM tops to bikini tops. Determining which open-air experience you want is key to purchasing the right soft top before installation. Summer tops, or summer types, can be put on when the hardtop is removed, but only opens up a portion of the top, giving you a bit of a windbreak. Total soft top modifications (with or without hardware) is the top of choice if you want the full wind-in-your-hair experience, as well as the ability to pull the entire top up or down at your convenience. Many tops give you the option to include upper door skins, for a completely customized look.

Soft tops, such as the Bestop Supertop NX in Twill, last multiple years and often come with excellent warranties. The fabric used in creating your soft top and how you care for it can make the difference and extend that time. For example, the triple-layer Black Twill fabric used in creating the Bestop soft top is the same material used in high end vehicles such as a Rolls, or a BMW. Luckily, soft tops don’t come with the BMW price tag, are relatively affordable compared to other modifications you could opt for.

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