Jeep lift kits, whether they are a leveling kit, or a full blown hard core suspension kit, are one of the first modifications that usually happen to a Jeep. Need bigger tires? More ground clearance? Maybe some rock crawling ability on the trails? You need a lift kit to get a piece of that action.

The Two Kinds of Jeep Suspension Lift Kits

To break it down, there are two common ways to lift a Jeep (or truck). One is called a "Leveling" kit, and the other is called a Suspension lift kit. (though they both involve the suspension). There are some pros and cons to each approach. Sometimes you can choose between the two on how you want to to go, and sometimes you have no choice but to use one or the other.

Jeep Suspension "Leveling" Kits

Rough-Country -Leveling-Kit
Many 4x4 vehicles, especially pickup trucks, sit higher in the rear. This is when they are empty. Of course, once you add a load into the back of your truck, the suspension/springs absorb that weight, adjust themselves, and then the rear is more level with the front. But when a vehicle is empty (which is most of the time for a truck not used for work), the rear can sit higher than the front. With regards to the vehicle's engineering, it's done on purpose. But many drivers want the front and rear to be the same height. Since the front is lower, it's typically easier to raise the front a few inches to even it out. Many times it's a cosmetic approach, meaning, your vehicle just looks better when it's level. But if you like to off-road and hit the trails, raising the front (or rear when needed) to make the vehicle level can increase your ground clearance some.

Why use a leveling kit

There are several reasons: The Cost Factor - It's usually much less expensive to alter your suspension with a leveling kit. These kits are also known as "spacer" or "booster" kits. Usually it's a urethane (although, it could be rubber or aluminum in some cases) spacer that fits underneath or on top of the coil springs. They're light, inexpensive, and easier to manufacturer. This keeps the cost of the kits way down. Smaller Lift Capabilities - Generally, a Leveling kit will only lift a vehicle enough to level it out. So it's going to run around 1 inch to maybe 2.5 inches at the most, depending on the vehicle and the manufacturer. So you can get a wee bit of room for a bigger tire, or more ground clearance, but you won't be jumping Snake Canyon anytime soon. Easy Installation - To install a leveling kit, you only have to deal with a coil spring, as far as removing and re-installing it. You will probably still need a spring compressor tool (to do the job safely), but you're only dealing with a few parts, and it's just a matter of inserting the spacers where needed. One Time Simple Modification - Since the rest of your suspension usually stays stock, there's no need to buy 20 other parts to modify your suspension from axle to axle. You install the leveling kit, then hit the trails. You don't need a bunch of other parts to make the kit work. Good for Daily Drivers - Because you're only lifting the vehicle a little bit, and you're not doing any major mods to the suspension, for a daily driver, a leveling kit is a great option. You can still drive on the highway or on the way to work, but still get some trail or beach time in on the weekends. Sure, many Jeepers want to live the Jeep life and hang out like they were in the movie Deliverance, but in reality, many Jeep owners still have to show up to the office the next day.

Jeep Suspension Lift Kits

A suspension lift kit is a whole other can of worms. But there are many reasons why a suspension lift kit can be the way to go. Whether you have a 4x4 truck or a Jeep Wrangler or CJ, lift kits are extremely popular and probably the most common. Versatility - There are dozens of different kinds of suspension lift kits. From 2.5 inches to 4.5 inches, and anywhere in between. You get a lot of choices as to how you want to set up your own 4x4 or Jeep. From mild to wild, you can tailor a lift kit to the kind of off-road driving you expect to be in on any given day. Performance - A suspension lift kit is normally made up of parts that have been tested and "over engineered" for near racing conditions. So you're installing a kit that can get you into some bad bush, but can still get your tail out of there and on the way home when the day is done. The parts are built tough, are high quality, and able to take some punishment. Capability - A suspension lift kit, when combined with other off road parts, allows you the capability to get into serious rock climbing mode. Bad trails? Crevices? Boulders? River beds? Your lift kit gives you the ground clearance to overcome these obstacles. jeep-with-lift-kit Check out our variety of suspension lift kits here. If you're in the market to lift your Jeep, there's two ways to go. You just have to choose the one that best meets your kind of driving, and what you want to do with your Jeep or truck. But whichever you choose, we carry quite a wide variety of Leveling kits, and Suspension Lift kits to match your driving style.