Out with the Old, In with the New: Jeep Replacement Seats

Jeep seats take a pounding, especially if you take your Jeep off-road. Because manufacturers know that most Jeep owners will take their Jeep into the wild (and why not!), most factory seats have the basic spring suspension and padding components. They won’t last forever, though. When it comes time to replace your Jeep Seats, you’ll have a wide range of specifications to choose from, as well as style, make, model, and function. If you spend a lot of your free time going off-road, then durability and comfort are the two most important features. Installation for most Jeep replacement seats is a cinch, using the existing factory mounts. Replacement seats for Jeeps exist for both front and back seats, and can offer a reclining feature, additional suspension for off-road excursions, weatherproofing, and more.

Back Seat Replacements for Your Jeep

While you aren’t specifically sitting in the back seats of your Jeep, it is used for all other sorts of purposes, namely carrying passengers or gear. The beauty of a Jeep’s back seats is that in some models, you can actually pull those out if you know you aren’t going to need them, which lightens the load and helps on fuel consumption. For those times that you need your back seats, opt for a seat type that is also water-resistant, as well as offering a steel construction. The Smittybilt standard is the ultimate in utilitarian function, while you can upgrade the back seat to something like the Rugged Ridge or the Bestop Trailmax for a seat that offers headrests and the ability to be folded down if you don’t want to remove them. Back seats can be covered in vinyl or durable cloth.

Front Seat Replacements for Your Jeep

If you don’t want to feel every bump on the trail, then where front seat replacements are concerned, go for the extra shock absorption. Most upgraded replacement front seats for Jeeps will come with varying amounts of spring suspensions, foam padding, and water resistance. Simply replace your existing seats with the same style or model, or depending on your Jeep model, you can switch out the stock seat for aftermarket bucket seats, or seat tracks. These fit right into the factory provided brackets and mounts. Smittybilt offers a wide range of standard bucket and low back seats, while Bestop offers seats that recline and are covered in heavy duty, weather and stain resistant, black denim. If you really want to pull out all of the stops, opt for the Corbeau line of front seats as they are designed like a padded seat for a roller coaster, meaning you are braced and padded from top to bottom.

Jeep Seat Brackets

If you own an older model Jeep, then when you replace the seats you may find that your seat brackets have seen better days, too. This happens when you do a lot of off-roading where there is a significant amount of water encountered over time. Seat bracket kits are fairly inexpensive and will make sure that your new seats will have the foundation that they need to function at maximum performance. New brackets also give you the option of raising or lowering your seat, installing a seat slider, or to adapt an old bracket to receive the new seat.