Remove Your Jeep Soft Top In 5 Easy Steps

Jeep soft tops are great, but don’t always lend themselves to harsh winter conditions. Many Jeep owners replace their soft tops for hard tops during the winter as built up ice and snow on a soft top is a very quick way to damage it beyond repair. Likewise, you may want that wind in your face and sun on your head summer feel, which means taking the top off. Either way, and for whatever reason, you can take the soft top off without too much fuss.

Step One: Take off the sun visors so you can get to the header latches. Release these but don’t unhook them form the loops on the windshield.

Step Two: Pull the first three inches of the sail panels from the body channel by opening up the swing gate. Do this on both sides. If they fight with you pull down on the three bow to loosen them.

Step Three: On the swing gate bar brackets you will need to take off the rear window retainers, then unzip the window beginning on the passenger side.

Step Four: Take off the swing gate bar and the entire window by rotating and pulling away from the swing gate bar brackets. Put this somewhere that it won’t get damaged or stained.

Step Five: Take off the side panel windows by releasing the Velcro flaps (rear and top). Unzip the window and release the body side and door rail retainers. Do the same thing for the other side.

Step Six: Untuck the rear sail panel retainers on the bottom from the soft top, then fold the sail panels on top of the Jeep. Pull the drip rail retainers away from the door’s frame, then slide the sleeves back over the links.

Step Seven: Unfasten the side bows form the rails on the door by pushing down on the latch pedal, located behind. Grap the side box behind the header, then pull the top back toward the rear of the Jeep. If you have a friend handy, this is where they come in handy to help you pull this back. Lower the top, then gather the material in neat folds. Store inside of the Jeep, or elsewhere. You are officially finished when you shut the swing gate.