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When you're behind the wheel, your dash is one of the most critical assemblies in your vehicle. Everything installed on it must contribute to its looks, function and convenience. Switches, touch screens and control circuits can improve your dash's utility and style, connecting to OEM and aftermarket accessories. Check out Morris 4x4's extensive selection of dash mods and upgrades from sPOD.


What Are sPOD Products?

SPOD specializes in power distribution equipment for Jeeps and other off-road vehicles. From switch panels to touchscreens, sPOD allows you to personalize your interiors with convenient-placed controls to activate both stock equipment and electronic upgrades. Thanks to their smart designs and small footprints, it's easy to install most sPOD products into your vehicle. They're the perfect solutions for controlling your aftermarket electrical accessories.


Best Selling sPOD Products

Most off-roaders installing sPOD products choose a control system with a complimentary switch panel or touch screen. One example is the BantamX Universal Control System, designed for 12/24DC accessories. This system requires only one ethernet cable into the cab and features durable, lightweight precision-machined billet aluminum housings.

The BantamX includes several other useful features. It incorporates silicone buttons with positive touch feedback plus Bluetooth support for connecting devices and easy programming. Thanks to the standard universal articulating mount, it allows you many installation possibilities. The BantamX pairs with sPOD's Add-on 8-Circuit touchscreen, requiring a universal mounting bracket and a standard ethernet cable. 


Why You Should Consider sPOD Products

SPOD products contain the highest quality materials to withstand the rigorous conditions that come with off-roading. Every item is designed, engineered and made in the United States. This Southern California-based company bench tests all products to ensure reliable performance before release. 

Morris 4x4 Center is your top destination for dash components: gauges, switches, accessories, covers and more. Customized your dash with the highest quality parts and accessories from sPOD and other top brands like Amp Research, RT Off-Road and Rugged Ridge. With more than 40,000 products in our 60,000-square-foot warehouse, Morris 4x4 has exactly what you need to create the off-road machine of your dreams. Get free shipping when you order $99 or more. 


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