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Morris 4x4 Reviews

"Jeep club members asked why i would only recommend one place..."

This morning I was telling some of my club's members, Jurassic Park Motor Pool, how Morris has come to be my single recommended Jeep part supplier. Members asked why I would only recommend one place, and why this one? I told them over my 5 years (or more) of ordering parts from Morris I have encountered some of the most knowledgeable, friendly staff whom represent a company that provides great pricing AND price matching on what I consider one of the largest inventories of parts. Atop this, Morris provides free shipping, which I noticed tends to be 3 Day Select which is great for me living in California...I rarely wait very long for my parts which I can't appreciate enough! I also enjoy that many of the parts come with multiple options so I can compare prices and quality. And I always mention, that while I am not religious (though Catholic) I always enjoy seeing a

"My Rig Wouldn't Be Where It is Without Morris!"

company that takes pride in being a family and politely, but proudly, expressing their beliefs and how those beliefs drive their teams dedication and morals. Morris has exceeded my expectations of a commercial parts dealer and cemented itself as the best in my book. I've had my Jeep 9 years and used Quadratec, 4WD, 4Wheel Parts, Extreme Terrain, and numerous others...but only Morris has left me with no bad tastes! Rock on y'all. I'm actually really sad that when I visit Orlando in April that I can't come by and see the store and thank the team in person! Also, I joked to my fiancee, that when we get married and change our last name to Morris (my aunt and uncle are Morris' and are legally adult-adopting me before the wedding) it would look like I loved the company so much that I changed my name for it! :-P She threw her head and walked away, but I thought it was funny!
-Ari Bayzid - San Diego, CA

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