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Modding a Jeep often involved putting more power under the hood. Engine upgrades are popular choices, along with exhaust and suspension mods that improve overall handling and performance. But you also depend on your vehicle's brakes to bring all that raw power to a stop. Power Stop brake upgrades do exactly what their name says- deliver dependable stopping whenever and wherever you need it. Count on Morris 4x4 Center for the best selection of Power Stop products.


Why Should You Upgrade Your Brakes

Regular city and freeway driving can be challenging enough. But when you go offroad, the stakes go up. You have tricky terrain to navigate, including mud and rocks, plus rough vegetation and large obstacles such as boulders. There's also the chance of an animal running or jumping directly into your path. How will you reduce your chance of collision in these situations? Durable and formidable performance braking components from Power Stop are your ideal solution.

Power Stop brake pads are designed and built for high-performance vehicles, but you don't have to own a wicked street machine to equip them. Power Stop delivers dependable stopping for both on- and offroad machines. Your new brake pads include a high-quality carbon ceramic compound that ensures your wheels remain clean and don't cause premature wear and tear on your rotors. Besides low dust formation, other key benefits include a thermal-scorched construction that lets you quickly break in the pads and dual rubber shims to dampen brake noise.


Best Aftermarket Brake Kits by Power Stop

Power Stop calls itself the innovator of the ""one-click brake upgrade kit"" for a reason. Each kit includes everything you need in one box- the pads, drums and rotors for a complete change plus installation hardware. Power Stop offers many brake kit options, including stock replacements and upgrades for towing vehicles.


How To Upgrade Your Brake System

Upgrading with Power Stop brake parts and kits is easier than you may think, thanks to Power Stop and Morris 4x4 Center. Shop our inventory and select the kit you need. Use our ""Select your vehicle"" feature to narrow down options that fit your Jeep.

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