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PPR Industries

No matter what vehicle you drive, life happens on the road. When that results in a crack or chip in the windshield, it’s only a matter of time until you are dealing with a bigger problem. Regain the integrity of your ride with a new windshield, window or rear window from PPR Industries.


What Is PPR Glass?

A leader in the automotive industry since 1986, PPR Industries is a company dedicated to quality and innovation. PPR glass falls right in line with the company’s mission. Its line of high-quality glass products is designed to fit your specific make, model and year. The glass itself meets or exceeds OEM and DOT standards, providing peace of mind that you are getting a product that is durable and meant to last.


Why You Should Consider PPR Glass

PPR’s line of glass products is laminated and safety tempered. Instead of a single pane, they have two panes and an interlayer. That extra thickness means added strength to handle flying debris without it penetrating all the way through. This type of glass is also resistant to cracking. If it does, it is designed to contain the broken fragments instead of spreading and shattering. Extra layers also result in a reduction in sound. The sound waves have to pass through more material, which enhances your ride’s soundproofing. Although it may be glass, PPR Industries follows stringent packaging rules to ensure its products arrive in prime condition.


Upgrade Your Windshield Quality

While you may be able to drive for a while with a crack, you are putting yourself and your ride at risk. Any window in your vehicle works to absorb energy. If an accident happens, that crack minimizes the glass’s ability to do its job. Windshields are a vital component for keeping the weather at bay. Even the smallest crack may be letting in unwanted water or dust, which may potentially begin to damage other parts of the vehicle. When you upgrade your windshield, you are getting new glass that is ready to handle whatever the road throws your way. Many are available with a green tint, which blocks harmful UV rays and reduces glare.

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