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Head out to the wilderness with an excellent suspension upgrade from Tuff Country installed on your vehicle. Lift kits and suspension upgrades are necessary modifications when you want to tackle loads of trails and new obstacles. It can also help if you're going to be carrying heavy equipment.


Why Should You Upgrade Your Suspension?

Upgrading your suspension with Tuff Country lift kits can give you greater clearance. This helps you cross over large rocks or logs on the trail with ease. A new suspension can also give you better road handling and load-carrying experiences.

Enjoy driving on the road with optimal safety and performance when you have a suspension that fits the driving you like to do.


Benefits of Upgrading to a Tuff Country Lift Kit

Tuff Country is known for reliability and superior durability, which means you can drive knowing you're going to be comfortable and secure. A Tuff Country kit comes with everything you need to upgrade your suspension. It can take four to six hours to install a new kit. Your kit comes with items like leaf springs, shocks, bolts and instructions.

If you're not mechanically inclined, you can always take it to your mechanic to have them switch out the suspension system.


What To Look for When Upgrading Your Off-road Suspension

When you want to upgrade your Tuff Country suspension, it's important to know what types of driving you want to do. If you're going to be doing some major offroading, extra clearance may be what you want. Maybe you need to haul heavy loads, which means you need to ensure you're leveling is on point.

With a proper suspension kit in place, your truck won't sag or sway while you drive. This improves your safety and performance on the road. It also improves your comfort because you won't be feeling extra bumps, sways or drags.

Check out the selection of lift kits we have available at Morris today. You're sure to find the right lift height with the huge variety of Tuff Country suspension kits in our shop. Improve your ride when you install your new suspension.

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