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MSD Ignition Ignition Coils & Modules

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One of the joys of being a vehicle owner is the ability to truly make it your own. Whether you’re going for something cosmetic like seat covers or replacing parts under the hood, you need a reliable go-to for genuine aftermarket parts that make your driving experience everything you want it to be. Morris 4x4 Center is your trusted partner for parts and accessories that boost your experience on the road. We bring you the parts you want from top brands like MSD Ignition.


What are MSD Ignition Parts?

The MSD Ignition brand specializes in high-end ignition systems and electronic components for your vehicle. This brand boasts a proud legacy in automotive innovation as the first company in the world to create ignition systems using multiple spark discharge for car engines in the 1970s. In fact, multiple spark discharge is where the company gets its name. The ability to harness the power of multiple sparks represented a major step forward in leaner burning fuel systems and improved engine efficiency. At Morris 4x4 Center, we’re proud to partner with top brands such as MSD Ignition for a superior experience both under the hood and behind the wheel. 


Best Selling MSD Ignition Parts

Without the proper magnitude and timing of spark, your engine doesn’t run the way it should. Whether you’re replacing a part or making changes, we bring you MSD Ignition parts including kits, distributors, control boxes, and more to meet your customization needs. We provide a larger inventory than you can find in a brick-and-mortar retailer. Each part comes with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, and product reviews to help you make an informed decision. Gain insights into our best-selling products and see what others are saying as you shop for the parts you need.


Why You Should Consider MSD Ignition

The MSD Ignition has always been and continues to be a leader in the automotive parts industry. MSD Ignition parts have proven to be reliable when the rubber meets the road, both on the road and on the race track. At Morris 4x4 Center, we partner with top brands to help you customize your sports utility vehicles. We are car experts who are passionate about helping you find genuine parts that are guaranteed to fit your Jeep.

Ignition Coils & Modules -MSD Ignition

There are plenty of ways to customize your Jeep. Some drivers prefer to stick to the exterior while others get into the heart of their Jeep, upgrading the electrical components or engine. We have all the parts you need for this, from CJ7 ignition modules to ignition coils and other parts for the ignition. Our team can even help you decide which parts you need for your planned ignition repairs or upgrades. Our inventory includes something for everyone, no matter your brand preference or the parts you need. All of our parts come with a satisfaction guarantee and our lowest price guarantee. While some Jeep drivers prefer to install lift kits, paint their Jeep a new color, or swap out the full doors for tube doors, others want to upgrade the ignition right away.

If you are in this category, you will find plenty of CJ7 ignition modules to choose from at Morris 4x4 Center. Our parts will also come in handy if you need to make repairs to your ignition or other parts of your Jeep. Our selection of ignition parts is complete, with XJ ignition coils, ignition coil jumper harnesses, lead wire retainers, lead wires, ballast resistors, and mount brackets. We also have ignition control modules, harnesses, upgrade kits, and capacitors. We even have direct ignition coils. If you need a part but can’t find it right away, our team is happy to help you find it. Of course, our website also makes it straightforward to find what you need between the search bar, the main navigation menu for browsing, and various search filters. You can filter CJ7 ignition coils based on part type, brand, color, make and model, price, and more. Our vast selection means you can find parts for an AMC 304 electronic ignition or nearly any other Jeep ignition.

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