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Jeep Skid Plates

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Skid Plates

Morris 4x4 Center: Genuine Jeep Skid Plates for all Terrains

Your Jeep can take you to so many places, areas most cars can never imagine. Most likely, you are heading up and over rocks, boulders, logs, and crossing rivers on your outdoor adventures. Any time you do that, you are putting the underside of your Jeep at risk of damage. Buying a Jeep skid plate is an easy way to protect your investment and prevent major damage to your Jeep, or leave you stranded. A good jeep skidplate is like good armor, thick, sturdy sheets of steel, aluminum, diamond plate or stainless steel that is designed to take abuse so you, or your Jeep, don’t have to.

There are different types of skid plates to choose from. At a minimum you’ll definitely want skid plates to protect your motor’s sump, radiator support and front cross member from any damage. From there, you might also want to consider a jeep belly pan to cover the rest of your vehicle’s undercarriage. The belly pan will cover your transmission and transfer case and other important components from damaging obstacles on the trail. Your jeep has vital parts hanging low that need protection. It doesn’t take a big strike to your gas tank, transfer case  or oil pan to leave you stranded on a trail. Consider adding to your Jeep’s factory armor or upgrading existing armor a critical process for rocky terrain. t. Upgrading the factory skid plates on your jeep to any of the skid plates from our selection will give you the assurance you need that your jeep can withstand any obstacle you put it through and keep you moving on the trail.

Even If you aren’t considering taking your daily driver Jeep off road, we highly recommend getting some off roading protection. Skids are cheap insurance against hidden rocks on the sand, sneaky roots and stumps or even road debris. No one wants to break down on a trail or have a trip cut short for something that could easily have been avoided. At Morris 4x4 center, we know time under your Jeep is time not in your Jeep. We don’t want you stuck on the trail making repairs. That is why we offer a huge selection of skid plates to protect all the important components of your jeep. The skid plates we offer are manufactured from the highest quality materials and you can choose from over 30 different manufacturers to match your needs and your wallet. You can choose skid plates that just cover one component or larger skid plates that are designed to cover several components of your Jeep. We know you’ll find what you are looking for and whatever you choose, you can hit the road with confidence that your Jeeps undercarriage will be protected from the hazards you might encounter.

A skid plate is an easy and inexpensive upgrade that will save you a lot of cash on maintenance and repairs over time.  Skid’s are an investment that pays for themselves with every gouge they collect. Think of a skid plate like you would a helmet. It’s going to keep your jeep performing the way you like it, when you want it, without any interruptions from sharp rocks or other obstacles.

Enhance your Jeep's utility and incorporate great style on and off the terrain. With our Jeep skid plates, you can now hit the trail like never before!

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