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1985 Jeep CJ7

Jeep CJ7 1985 Jeep Fenders

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Jeep Fender Flares

If you are a Jeep lover, we know you probably spend your time on some pretty rugged terrain. Anyone who spends a lot of time in rock gardens or overland trails puts their vehicle to the test. Eventually, your fenders are going to show the dings and dents of the trail. Replacing the fenders of your Jeep will keep your vehicle looking pristine and the replacements will ensure your jeep is getting the protection it needs.

If you are thinking about upgrading your tires to something bigger to get more traction on the dirt, sand, mud or snow, now is the perfect time to start looking at upgrading your fenders as well. New fenders will allow more room for your bigger tires so they can move well and perform better. A good Jeep fender is going to protect your Jeep from all the water, mud and rocks your tires kick up on your adventures. Your new, bigger tires also probably stick out a little farther than your factory fenders so adding Jeep flares is a smart move too. Flares will give you even more protection from all the debris that wide tires will throw at you.

Morris 4x4 Center has a huge selection of fenders to choose from. We’ve got tube style fenders that will provide you with maximum clearance so you can crawl up and over those rocks and boulders with ease. There are slim style fenders so you can squeeze through tight canyon walls without worrying about your Jeep’s exterior paint. Whether you are looking for just a right or left fender replacement or a kit with two or four fenders in it, our catalog has over 14 top quality brands to choose from. All our fenders and kits are made from the highest quality steel to provide strength so you can be assured you are getting a durable part that will last and protect your vehicle. These fenders are designed to fit on Jeeps so installation will be simple and easy.

Changing your fenders is a great way to add more clearance and it is a must if you get bigger tires. Adding a Jeep fender flare is a perfect way to get the added protection your Jeep needs after you install wide tires. Maybe you’ve got those parts but you want something more to make your Jeep's appearance look like it’s ready to roar up and down the hill. Replacing fenders is a great way to get the visual appeal you are looking for. Check out our selection of Jeep body armor that is sure to match your personal style and your budget. We’ve got all the parts that will fit the year and style of your Jeep. You will love the extra clearance you get and the statement your Jeep will make with upgraded fenders. You spend a lot of time in your jeep doing the things you love. You want your jeep to say something about you and new fenders and flares will definitely make your vehicle look like a tough and rugged beast on the trail.

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