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Let's face it: Part of the allure of Jeep ownership is putting the top down. But if you bought your vehicle with a hardtop — or no top at all — you want other options. Designed with Jeep owners like you in mind, Bestop products deliver solid protection along with the freedom to experience your off-roading adventure as you see fit. Shop Morris 4x4 Center's impressive inventory of Bestop products now. 


Best Selling Bestop Products

Bestop is well-known for its aftermarket Jeep soft tops. One notable example is the Supertop, the flagship model that attracted Jeep owners to the brand. The Supertop includes superior-grade fabric plus removable tinted windows and adjustable aluminum frame hardware. The Supertop can fold back behind the rear seat, letting you enjoy fresh air and the wind in your hair on sunny days. It accommodates Jeeps with full factory hard doors.

Another popular Bestop product is the Trektop NX, a soft top designed for two-door Jeeps. The Trektop is unique in that it allows you to open it from inside the vehicle. Other great features include zipperless technology and a tailgate bar plus tinted rear windows. The Trektop NX is compatible with factory half doors, full steel doors and Bestop aftermarket doors. 


Why You Should Consider Bestop

Bestop products have a track record of solid performance, convenience and durability. The Colorado-based company tests its items both in the lab and in field conditions to ensure quality and reliability. Both its soft tops and doors keep you dry when inclement weather hits. Bestop was the first company to create aftermarket Jeep soft tops and remains the gold standard in the industry. 


Comparing Bestop to Other Brands

Bestop offers a huge selection of products for customizing your Jeep. The same is true about Morris 4x4 Center. Our inventory contains over 40,000 parts and accessories, stocked in our 60,000-square-foot warehouse and available at everyday low prices thanks to our Price Match Guarantee. If you see the same products for less at another authorized online dealer, we'll match those prices. Order now and get free ground shipping on purchases of $99 or greater. 


Hard Top Sunroof Option Hard Tops -Bestop

One of the best perks of being a Jeep owner is the freedom to enjoy fresh air whenever you want. There’s nothing like the feeling of warm sunlight and a cool breeze while you’re cruising down the road. Of course, deciding between hardtops and soft tops can be challenging, especially if you like to use your Jeep during cold weather.

With a Jeep Wrangler hardtop sunroof, you can get the best of bold worlds. You have heavy-duty protect against wind, rain and cold when you need it, and instant sun when you want it.


How Long Do Hard Top Sunroofs Last?

At Morris, we offer high-quality aftermarket parts from trusted names in off-road sports, such as Bestop and Rally Tops. Durable Jeep hardtop sunroof models are built to stand up to tough conditions. They’re made to last.

The strength and durability of sunroof options depend on the style and material you choose. Sunroofs that feature clear panels last longer than soft-top hybrids. On the other hand, soft-top options are more flexible and faster to install. Many Jeep sunroofs last at least three to five years with care.


Which Is the Best Hard Top Sunroof Options?

Hardtop sunroofs are one customization option where your personality plays a huge part in choosing the best model. There is a range of styles and materials, including sailcloth, twill and clear polycarbonate.

Some sunroofs are fixed in place, providing UV protection while letting plenty of light inside the cabin. Other options are like marrying a soft top to your Wrangler’s OEM hardtop or Freedom Top. They let you extend the top for weather protection and retract it when you want nothing but the open air.


How Much Do Hard Top Sunroof Options Cost?

For some Jeep owners, price is another important factor. That’s why we make it easy to find a range of hardtop sunroof options to choose from. There are high-quality models for Jeep Wrangler JK, JL, Unlimited and more.

Soft tops generally have a lower total cost than hard panels. At the same time, hard panels provided superior impact resistance and longevity, making them a smart choice depending on your local climate.

Find the ideal sunroof to customize your vehicle right away.

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