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Flex-a-lite Switch Panels & Accessories

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One of the cool things about owning and operating a truck is the ability to tailor it to your standards. From the tinkerer who prefers a different audio system to the overhauler looking to maximize performance, you need a reliable source for aftermarket parts with OEM-level quality. Morris 4x4 Center understands that your 4x4 vehicle is an extension of you as a driver. Parts that don’t fit your vehicle or don’t boost your on- and off-road experiences are most certainly not cool. 


Reasons to Install Flex-a-Lite

Another thing that is certainly not cool is an overheating engine. For 60 years, the Flex-a-Lite brand has changed the automotive game, introducing the concept of performance cooling. This started with the original Flex Fan, which was innovatively designed to reduce drag on the engine and deliver more power to your tires. We bring you several genuine Flex-a-Lite products to prevent your engine from overheating. Choose from radiator fans, thermostats, radiators, and more to help you and your Jeep maintain a cool head.


Cooling Down Your Truck

Regulating your engine’s temperature is a crucial part of performance and maintenance. An overheated engine can lead to warping, swelling, and cracking of engine components. This can lead to a blown head gasket, resulting in your engine burning oil and coolant. This also leads to very expensive repairs. It doesn’t take long for an engine to overheat, so you need quality Flex-a-lite products that help dissipate heat so your vehicle runs as it’s expected. 


How to Install

At Morris 4x4 Center, we recognize that customizing your vehicle can be hindered by parts that are difficult to install. Each product includes detailed information about fitment and compatibility to help you make an informed decision. Flex-a-lite products don’t require special cutting or drilling. They usually work with factory mounting equipment. One of the ways that we facilitate the installation process is by allowing you to shop for parts based on your truck’s make and model. There’s no struggling with parts that don’t actually fit your vehicle. We also back you up with a team of experts who are available to answer any questions you might have about Flex-a-lite parts and more. 

Switch Panels & Accessories -Flex-a-lite

Jeep Switch Panels & Accessories

There are several reasons you may be in the market for a new Jeep JL switch panel. Perhaps your current panel is scratched, faded, stained, or otherwise damaged. Maybe you need a panel that can accommodate more switches than your current one. Or maybe you just want to change the interior styling of your Jeep. No matter the situation, you can find everything you need for your Jeep JL light switch panel in our inventory. We have switch panels alone or in kits, as well as switch panel control modules, bezels, jumper harnesses, switch labels, and wiring harnesses, in addition to switch housings and housing extensions. Looking for a way to update the interior styling of your Jeep? Why not install a new Jeep JL switch panel.

Thanks to its prominent positioning on your dashboard, your switch panel has a strong effect on the interior appearance of your Jeep. In fact, you can choose from colors and finishes like black, tan, yellow, silver, red, blue, green, and textured. This selection makes it easy to find a JL switch panel that complements the rest of your interior. As you work on your Jeep Wrangler JL switch panel, consider whether you want to completely replace it or just want to change a few parts. If you want a complete replacement, consider one of our switch panel kits or just buy a switch panel and all the other parts you need separately. You can also use those separate parts to upgrade your current panel. We have bezels, switch labels, wiring harnesses, control modules, and wiring harnesses. Don’t forget to also check our switch housing extensions, switch housings, rocker switches, and other interior accessories. If you aren’t sure which parts you need for your switch panel, our team is just a live chat or phone call away and ready to help.

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