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Jeep Camping

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Jeep Camping Accessories

Taking your Jeep on a camping trip can make things a lot more convenient and fun with the right gear. Don’t get caught flatfooted when Morris 4x4 Center has everything you need to level up your next camping experience. Whether you’re going deep into the backcountry, having a heavy trailing weekend, or just want to make use of your Jeep while camping, we’ve got all the accessories you need.

Jeep Camping Gear

Choose from a variety of rooftop tents, connected hatchback tents, or standalone tents to optimize your sleeping and shelter needs. Bring a rollout awning for extra shade, and don’t forget about the much-needed folding camp chairs to sit around the fire or for when it’s time to eat, a trusty machete to eliminate brush, and mesh bags for laundry or other gear you need to bring along with you on a hike or bike ride. You’re going to need to build a fire, so you might as well have a Jeep Zippo lighter on hand. Bring a hatchet, flashlight, Canteen, and thermos to keep your coffee hot through the cold mornings.

Jeep Camping Accessories

Upgrade your Jeep with epic camp accessories like the Jammock for maximum relaxation and ensure that you always have a spot to rest at the campsite. Other handy equipment includes jerry cans, limb risers, hitch and receivers, and bike racks. If you’re serious about your camping trips, consider the Smittybilt Scout Trailer.

Jeep Camping Tech

For those that like a little bit of technology mixed in with their camping, invest in a heavy duty portable cooler or fridge freezer. The Alpine In-Cooler entertainment system keeps your food fresh and plays your music through wireless Bluetooth connection. To keep your camping convenient, pick up a Sit, Shower, & Shave kit by Synergy manufacturing, a cooler bag, or grizzly portable cooler. If you lead an active lifestyle, check out the Waspcam series of action sports cameras, or Mob Armor phone mounts to help lead you through the wild terrain.

Jeep Storage

To keep all your camping items, sports gear, and provisions packed away in their rightful place, we have a variety of Jeep storage options. Lock away important items like your wallet, jewelry, and handgun in a Tuffy Security lock box. Throw flashlights, ammo, first aid kits, and other miscellaneous items into the storage cubbies on seat covers. Put your canoe or surfboard up out of the way with a roof rack. Pack away tools with tailgate storage compartment, or get a hitch rack for coolers and other gear that won’t fit inside.

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