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Jeep Ring & Pinions

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Ring & Pinions

If you have a differential, you have a ring and pinion. The ring and pinion are the components in your differential housing responsible for your final gear reduction. As you start adding larger tires, you might find your power isn't what it used to be and your low range speeds aren’t as slow as you’d like. Aftermarket Jeep ring and pinion gear sets can bring back your power, reduce stress in your driveline and make slow speed driving more controllable. Changing your ratio via a new ring and pinion can help you do more with your stock Dana 30 or 35 without having to upgrade your entire axle. The ratio will affect torque, gas mileage and RPMs. A higher ratio allows for more force with each spin and more power will go to the wheels and less strain on your diff. A jeep with large tires generally requires a higher ratio. If you don’t need the force to turn the wheels, a lower gear ratio will allow for higher top speeds. If you are looking to change your differential, it is the ideal time to consider changing your ring and pinion as well. Whatever you are looking for in Jeep performance, power or speed, Morris 4x4 Center has a huge selection of Jeep ring & pinion for you to choose from. We strive to provide you with the highest quality brands and products so you can easily install them in your vehicle and enjoy your ride. If you are wanting to change up your Jeep Wrangler ring and pinion set so that you can tackle more off road trails with confidence, check out our catalog. We know you’ll find exactly what you are looking for with Morris. One of our largest brands, Randys, employs people who are passionate about automobiles. Many of their employees are rebuilding vehicles of their own and are designing and creating parts that will work for any auto enthusiast. They cater to teams, off road and street racers, and general auto repair. They are constantly looking for ways to improve reliability in their parts. Yukon, one of Randys manufactured brands, has in-house engineers designing the parts that get manufactured by leaders in OEM manufacturing. You can be confident that when you get ring and pinion sets from Yukon or Randys that they will last and be set up correctly. Motive Gear is another leading manufacturer of Jeep parts. You will be able to find ring and pinion sets for just about any Jeep made from 1940 until now. Their parts are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and they will meet within your budget. Whether you are installing yourself and having it professionally installed, Motive Gear’s ring and pinion sets come with everything you need to install it. If it’s Dana 30 35 gear sets you are looking for, we have them. You will never get stuck on a steep incline if you have these gear sets installed. They really will give you that added torque you need to get up the hill. Plus, their quality is sure to last bump and bump and mile after mile. Whatever brand you choose, you’ll get durability and high quality manufacturing from a ring and pinion set from our catalog. You’ll be flying up those hills, enjoying the ease your vehicle handles even the steepest grades.
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