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Jeep Yokes & Components

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Yokes & Components

Jeep Slip Yoke Eliminators 

There are plenty of ways to modify your Jeep, including with a Jeep TJ slip yoke eliminator. This part will swap out your slip yoke in the transfer case for a version that is fixed and doesn’t slide. In addition to the Jeep slip yoke eliminator itself, we also have related parts, from full slip yoke eliminator kits to slip yoke seals and slip yoke eliminator bearings. Buy this part from your favorite brand, as we carry dozens of top names, such as Rough Country, Rubicon Express, Rugged Ridge, Ten Factory, and Pro Comp. We also carry options from Rough Country, Advance Adapters, Alloy USA, Crown, and more. As you customize your Jeep, consider whether you prefer a slip yoke or a fixed yoke. If you have a slip yoke but prefer a fixed one, learn what a slip yoke eliminator is and choose one to install. It will convert the slip yoke in the transfer case to the fixed version you prefer. To make the installation and conversion a breeze, consider getting a Jeep slip yoke eliminator kit. You can also get the slip yoke eliminator separately, along with other parts like bearings.

We also have slip yoke seals if you need those. Browse your favorite brands when searching for your Jeep TJ slip yoke eliminator. We have parts from Skyjacker, Ten Factory, Alloy USA, Crown, Omix, Advance Adapters, RT Off-Road, Rough Country, Rugged Ridge, Rubicon Express, and more. In addition to carefully selecting each brand we carry with an eye to quality and reputation, we also offer a satisfaction guarantee to give you even more confidence in your purchase. Want another opinion? You don’t have to take our word for it when it comes to the quality of our products, as past customers have left plenty of rave reviews and ratings on various slip yoke eliminators and other parts.

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