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Jeep Sentry Key Programming

How To Program A Sentry Key Immobilizer System (SKIS) To Your Vehicle

Sentry Key Immobilizer System

There are thousands of Jeep parts and Jeep accessories available for your vehicle. This article discusses an accessory that can really protect your Jeep. Chrysler motor company has been using the Sentry Key Immobilizer System (SKIS) since 1998. The Sentry key system has proven to be an effective vehicle theft deterrent. When you turn your key to start your vehicle, a signal is sent from your car's computer to the sentry key. Then, the chip in the sentry key sends a signal back to the vehicles on-board computer giving it the okay to start the engine. The Sentry key system allows you to program a maximum of eight Sentry keys to your vehicle. Once a key is programmed to a specific vehicle, it cannot be re-programmed for another vehicle. There are two ways to program a blank Sentry transponder key; Secured Access Method performed by your dealer or the "Customer Learn Programming" procedure detailed below

Programming Procedure

Step 1 - The first step is to purchase a blank transponder key. You can purchase these keys from your local Jeep dealer or you can look online for a better deal from a company that sells Jeep parts and Jeep accessories. Once you have purchased a blank Sentry transponder key, bring it to a locksmith to have it cut to match your original key.

Step 2 – Next, insert one of the sentry keys into you ignition. Turn the ignition to the “ON" position for at least 3 seconds, but no longer than 15 seconds.

Step 3 – Next, turn your ignition back to the “OFF" position and replace the first sentry key with the second key. Turn your ignition to the “ON" position again. Make sure the time between switching keys does not exceed 15 seconds.

Step 4 - After about 10 seconds of inserting the second key and turning it the “ON" position, the SKIS indicator light in your instrument cluster will beep once and begin to flash indicating that the system has entered “Customer Learn Programming Mode."

Step 5 - Within a minute of entering the “Customer Learn Programming Mode," turn your ignition switch to the “OFF" position and insert your blank sentry key. Next, turn the ignition back to the “ON" position.

Step 6 - Within 10 seconds of turning your ignition to the “ON" position, you will hear a single beep. Then the SKIS indicator in your instrument panel will stop flashing and stay lit up for 3 seconds, then turn off. This indicates that you have successfully programmed your Sentry Key. You are now ready to start your vehicle with your newly programmed Sentry Key.


If the above steps are not performed correctly, the SKIS will exit "Customer Learn Programming Mode" and the key will not be programmed. Programming your sentry key will also be unsuccessful if you use a non-blank key when you should be using a blank sentry key, you have already programmed the maximum allowed (8) keys to your vehicle, or if you turn your ignition off for more than 50 seconds during the programming process. In addition, if you attempt to start your vehicle during the programming process, the vehicle will deem the key invalid and turn the engine off after a few seconds. This sytem is an excellent way to protect your Jeep. As far as Jeep parts and Jeep accessories go, this one is at the top of the list in regards to a theft deterrent.

Copyright Article by Morris 4x4 Center.

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