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Jeep Suspension Parts


Jeep Suspension Parts

A Jeep’s suspension consists of the chassis, tires, springs, and shock absorbers. It keeps the ride smooth and in control. It provides steering stability and good handling, managing the friction between your tires and the road. A good suspension is critical for Jeeps due to the amount of off-road driving likely to occur over the life of the vehicle. Jeepers who go off-road regularly will likely add more wear and tear to the suspension system faster than those driving on pavement exclusively.

Upgrading Jeep suspension parts will increase your ability to handle rough terrain for longer. Among the many suspension upgrades are lift kits, consisting of:

  • Body lifts
  • Suspension lifts
  • Extended cab bushings
  • Spacer lift kits
  • Leaf spring kits
  • Shackle lifts kits

Lift kits raise the level of your Jeep and improves approach angles when rock crawling or getting over logs out in the brush. Choose from a broad selection of Jeep lift kits ranging from 2” up to 6.5” and above. Get the shocks, steering stabilizers, brakes, or sway bars needed to make your rig a powerful performer out on the trails. No matter what model you have, we have the perfect suspension upgrade and lift kit for you.

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