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2018-2020 Jeep Wrangler JL

Jeep Wrangler JL Parts & Accessories

The Jeep JL Wrangler is coming in 2018. A vehicle for the next generation of offroad enthusiasts, the Jeep JL is more than just a reskinned JK, it’s an all new Jeep from the bottom up.

The key subjective dates for the new JL Wrangler are:

•September 2017 - 2018 Wrangler Sales and Press Launch Begins
•November 2017 - 2018 Wrangler Orders Can Be Placed
•November 2017 - 2018 Wrangler Production Begins in Ohio, USA

As always, Jeep continues to give you a little bit of history and nostalgia in the design of a new Wrangler. It does employ modern technologies, but not at the expense of its reputation as the #1 4x4 on the trails.

While we won’t know the exact details of what all the order options will be until November, there are things to look for. We mention these based on various articles, images, and news from Jeep enthusiasts.


Jeep Wrangler JL Body and Exterior

Since the mention of the JL Wrangler at the very beginning, there’s been a lot of talk about aluminum panels. Those folks not familiar with aluminum body parts balked at the idea, but it’s quickly becoming the norm in today’s world. Ford has already set the precedence on their aluminum bodied F-150 pickup trucks. Modern aluminum is lightweight, but strong.

The JL Wrangler is expected to have both an aluminum body and doors. In the forefront, this is to save weight, equaling at least a chance at better fuel mileage. We already sell aluminum body parts for Jeeps (Aqualu) here at Morris 4x4 Center, so for some long time Jeepers, it won’t be anything new. Just imagine how easy it might be to remove a lightweight aluminum factory door!

The iconic Jeep JL Wrangler front grille has been redesigned, as well as the hood shape (it appears it might be longer). It's possible there might be more than one hood design depending on the options ordered with the Jeep. The grille seems to have a more pronounced “bend” to it than any Wranglers before it had.

The front fender flares should have new clear LED turn signal lights that are incorporated into the fenders themselves.

The new JL Wrangler will no longer have a front windshield that will fold down. An option available since the first Jeeps in the 1940s, many JK owners never dropped their windshields at all. The new windshield frame will now remain in a fixed position.

Jeep Wrangler JL Axles and Suspension

There were some rumors about Jeep going to an independent suspension, and there was plenty of outcry against it. It seems that Jeep heard the voices loud and clear, and has retained the traditional solid axles, front and rear.

Reports relay that Jeep has updated the axles, using a 12 bolt pattern, but with lighter (and possibly smaller) housings. They should still be some type of Dana 30 front and Dana 44 rear that’s been popular for decades. With just a few upgrades, so that better fuel mileage may be possible.

Jeep Wrangler JL Engine Options

It’s believed the JL Wranglers will continue to use the 3.6L Pentastar engine, which in the past has had around 285 hp/260 lb. of torque. But there is talk of the JL Wrangler having the option of a 3.0L Diesel. Also mentioned is a possible Turbo 300 hp 4-cylinder, aptly named “Hurricane” (hopefully this is more than just a rumor!). Some people mention a Hybrid engine for the JL, but there aren’t any details on those, so that may be far in the future, if it happens at all.

Jeep Wrangler JL Transmission Options

While an automatic transmission will still be a popular option, it seems that a six-speed manual transmission will be a choice as well. The automatic will probably be an 8-speed version designed by ZF Friedrichshafen in Germany. The new transmission should be another factor in trying to get every ounce of fuel mileage out of the new JL Wrangler.

Jeep Wrangler JL Soft and Hard Top Options

The information about the soft tops for the JL Wranglers has been sketchy, at best. While all Jeep soft tops are similar, it’s expected that Jeep has taken a hard look at soft tops and come up with new alternatives for the JL Wrangler. Some rumors say there may even be a power soft top. Some say it may no longer use traditional zippers, but might have more removable panels than in the past.

For the hardtop options, there are stories of a possible “sunroof” made from glass, or at least something clear. This would let light in, but there are no details regarding if it will fold back, or if it will be a removable panel.

One determining factor is that the new JL Wrangler may no longer use Sport Bars. In this case, the hardtop becomes an important part of the roof, and there are a significant amount of laws and engineering that come into play. Traditionally, the roof on a vehicle has to support the weight of the body if the vehicle is overturned. But we’ll have to see how Jeep handles these issues and challenges.

Jeep Wrangler JL Interior Upgrades and Changes

There isn’t much information about the interior. Some things won’t change much, because you’re always working around the driver. A steering wheel, two seats, a console and dash, etc. It will probably have a new backup camera to meet new laws for car makers. With modern technology changing almost daily, we expect them to have the latest in Uconnect and dashboard information systems. With a new body, hood and doors, new Jeep owners might get some more leg and shoulder room in the 2018 JL Wrangler.

There’s much anticipation for the 2018 Jeep JL Wrangler. Of course, we will keep you updated as we get close to the order and production dates. If any new parts become available, and we expect there will be loads of them, you can find them right here at Morris 4x4 Center.

New Wrangler JL Color Options

We are learning more about the JL Wrangler as the days pass, and today, we get to discuss the color options it comes with when ordering one from the factory. JL Wrangler Forums recently got their hands on a full list of paint options. A total of five new clear-coat paint options will be available, four of them being brand new to the FCA.

The new JL Colors are:
• Nacho
• Majito!
• Punk'n Metallic
• Ocean Blue Metallic
• Sting-Gray

These new colors will be joining the fan favorites:
• Billet Silver Metallic
• Firecracker Red
• Granite Crystal Metallic
• Bright White
• Black

Which of the new colors is your favorite?

The New Wrangler JL Sport Bumper

The new JL Wrangler Sport bumper is causing quite a stir with Jeep loyalists on the JL Wrangler forum have been giving mixed feedback. At first, a lot of forum participants thought that the Sport Bumper seen in the latest images was the European model. JL Wrangler Forums admin has since confirmed that the model in question was, in fact, the US version.

The new bumpers come with “Close-out-covers,” which connect the bumper to the fender. People who do not like the look of the close-out-covers will be able to remove them.

Does Active Noise Control Really Work?

In a word, YES, the active noise control works, and works well. One of the best updates to the new JL Wrangler is the fact that it employs new technology that will cancel a lot of the noise that drivers experience in the cab. Grand Cherokee Summits already have something similar, but it the noise control has taken its game up a notch. Not only does the active noise control offset unwanted environmental noise, but in some models it will also counteract noise made form the exhaust and engine, too.

Active Noise Control for Jeep JL: 101

Without going into too much of the science of the active noise cancellation technology, the gist of the tech is that it uses your audio system and at least four or more microphones located throughout the cabin. The technology uses opposite wave sounds which “crash” into the ambient noise and neutralizes the sounds. Even at highway speeds, the ride is quieter thanks to this tech.

The Active Noise Control (ANC) module works in tandem with the RPM information that is generated by the powertrain control module. Four or more simultaneous signals are generated based on this information, which cancels most types of noise. Now, it’s not like you will be sitting in the cone of silence, aka Get Smart, style, but you will have an overall quieter ride than you’ve had in previous generations of Jeeps. The ANC draws its power from the battery, and it also supplies your loudspeaker power. You won’t hear the noise cancelling happening; there’s no loud hum or audible sound to noise while it’s cancelling the outside noise. As a secondary benefit, you will be more fuel efficient too, since the engine calibrations that are needed to run the ANC also give more accurate feedback to the engine. Plus, the engineers didn’t have to install heavy acoustic-damping material that adds to the overall weight of the Jeep.

Which Jeeps Have Active Noise Cancellation?

Not all Jeep models have the ANC included as standard, but the 2015-2019 Grand Cherokee Summit, and SRT models do come with this feature installed as part of the standard package. This is a stand-alone module on the SRT vehicles that have the Alpine audio system. It is located behind the right rear trim panel. If your Jeep is using the Harman Kardon audio system, then it is located behind the left trim panel. Most of the microphones are located in the headliner. While some believe that the active noise control feature requires that the radio system be turned on in order for it to be activated, this is a myth that we’re happy to dispel. The system operates whenever the Jeep is running. Anecdotally, there have been reports that Jeep owners have been able to remove their doors and windows, leaving only the soft top on, and have been able to carry on a conversation, even while driving 75 mph on the highway. If it already comes standard on your Jeep, enjoy. For those who would like to include it, or mod out their Jeeps with their own ANC, that can be done, too.

The New Jeep JL Sahara: All the Bells and Whistles

The new 2018 Wrangler JL is wowing Jeep fans with its self-closing doors, additional head space, and cool new features with its basic package. If you love the look of Jeeps, then you are going to love the JL, as it brings back the structure and character of the American icon, the Willys. Jeep owners won’t be surprised that Jeeps have consistently been listed as one of the top American-made vehicles year after year, and the new Wrangler JL, formally introduced in LA a few months ago, is set to meet expectations.

The JL Sahara Offers Jeep Drivers More Space

The JL Wrangler will make instant fans of large and tall Jeep owners, offering 31.7 more cubic feet with the rear seats upright. With the rear seats down, you get nearly 73 cubic feet, which is almost 2 more cubic feet of space than the JK. But wait…there’s more. The distance between the roll bars was also increased to 43.5”, the front passenger seat (pulled forward) and measured to the tailgate is 74”, and the rear back see bench depth is 32.5”.

Upgraded Fuel Efficiency and Capabilities

Still coming as standard are the solid Dana 44 axles, and extremely durable body-on-frame construction, the Sahara also provides an 84:1 crawl ratio (with 33 inch BFG KO2 tires). That means it is the most capable Wrangler to be produced thus far. The Sahara comes as an 8-speed automatic, or as a 2.0L turbo (eTorque), and all offer improved aerodynamics. The Sport version of the Sahara comes as a 6-Speed, manual. Both types come with push start ignitions, 8 speaker audio systems, touch screens, and tough as nails 4WD.

Self-Closing Doors on the JL Sahara

Look on any forum and Jeep owners are raving about the self-closing doors on the JL. But don’t be fooled. The self-closing doors aren’t part of some hydraulic switch or motorized at all. That’s the beauty of the design. These doors were engineered to close themselves after they are opened past a certain point (called the half way check point). This is not just a front door feature, but is a feature that all of the doors enjoy. Other bells and whistles include an adjustable height third brake light, back up cameras, noise cancelling technology, and decisive traction control.

Tech Components for the New JL Sahara

On top of the usual tech that comes with even the most basic of Jeeps, the Sahara includes more bells and whistles in the tech department than any that came before it. Regardless of the package, they come with integration with smartphones, touchscreen radio with hands free capabilities, and dual zone temp controls, auxiliary power outlet, as well as 75 safety and security features.

How to Use Folding Windshields on Your JL Wrangler

Being able to drop your windshield has long been an advantage that Jeep has over most other types of vehicles. Originally, this was utilitarian, but when Jeeps were released into the commercial wilds, they brought this feature with them. But, getting them down and putting them back up took a platoon to accomplish, so most owners just opted to leave the windshield up. For many years, Jeep engineers thought that the driving population didn’t care for folding the windshield down, but this was just because most owners found it to be so difficult so as to not be worth the effort. Luckily, the Jeep engineers have gotten the message and windshield folding has become MUCH easier with the newer models. Granted, you wouldn’t want to drop the windshield for city driving, but once off road, the advantages to having the windshield folded down, or completely off, become apparent.

Most videos will make folding windshields look simple and easy, but then when you go to make it happen, you realize that nothing is that easy. That is until now. Once the Jeep manufacturers realized that being able to remove or fold down the windshield was a ‘thing’ with owners, it was added back in, and made easier to remove (without having to purchase a completely new set of tools to do it).

Jeep Wrangler JL Options

Jeep owners like to have options, and the new 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL comes with many new, and retooled options. The redesigned windshield on the 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL brings back the open-air feel that everyone knows and loves about the Jeep experience. Folding windshields are not a new idea for Jeep, but creating one that was actually usable and workable, is. This new redesign allows you to fold the windshield by simply removing 4 bolts (as opposed to the 28 required in the old design). Here’s a down and dirty crash course on how to fold the windshields in 10 minutes or less.

Tools You’ll Need to Remove Your Jeep JL Windshield:

15mm socket


#40 Torx bit

Cinch strap

Step One: Take off the top of the Jeep (hard top, or soft top).

Step Two: Take the protective caps off of the hex bolts, located on the windshield wiper.

Step Three: Remove the hex bolts (two of them) using the 15 mm socket, then take the windshield wipers off.

Step Four: Put both of the sun visors down, then using a Torx bit take out the 8 screws located on the inside of the windshield (both passenger side and driver’s side). Always put screws and bolts somewhere safe where you can find them later.

Step Five: Gently lower the windshield until it rests against the loop bumpers on the hood. Or, you can take the whole windshield off by taking

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