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Tuffy Security Products

Tuffy Security Products

Serious Theft Protection

For over 29 years, Tuffy has been manufacturing the world’s finest automotive security and storage products, built to withstand a lifetime of abuse!

  • Top Notch Locking Service
    • Whether you choose the patented security push-button latching systems, the cam-lock system, or any other offered by Tuffy
  • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Every security lock produced is fabricated using heavy-duty 16 gauge steel and is then finished with an electronically fusion-bonded epoxy powder coat.
  • Thoroughly Tested
    • Whether it is with a pry-bar on their manufacturing floor or expeditions across the world, Tuffy products have held up to anything in its path.
  • Limited Lifetime
    • Confidence in the toughest lock boxes on the market.

  • Manufactured and Designed in the USA

    Tuffy’s state-of-the-art facility is located in Cortez, Colorado. This gives Tuffy the ability to closely monitor the production process and ensure the customer gets the best product on the market. Our strict adherence to the highest quality standards enables Tuffy to back their products with an outstanding warranty which is unsurpassed in the industry. Tuffy’s product designs are engineered and extensively field tested at Tuffy facility by skilled developers with years of experience, unlike other “knock-off” manufacturers who skip the design step by stealing ideas from other companies in order to increase profit.

  • Patented Security Push Button Latching System

    Patented Anti-Twist Push Button Design
  • The push button can still be pushed without de-activating the latch.
  • The anti-twist feature overcomes a major vulnerability of typical push button locks
  • Patented Latch Mechanism
  • The patented heavy duty latch mechanism features 1/4" and 1/8" thick metal components.
  • It offers tremendous strength compared to the competition.
  • NEW High Security Key
  • Pick resistant lock offers security similar to the vehicle's original ignition key.
  • Other products using inexpensive locks are easily picked.
  • Two Point Welded Striker
  • The steel striker is welded with a two point 1/2" solid steel pin.

  • Higher Security Cam-Lock System

  • Superior Engineering for Added Security

    Cam-lock security is provided by a deadbolt hooking effect which eliminates the force applied to the actual cam-lock components. Others try to imitate with a look alike, but only Tuffy's exclusive Pry-Guard system incorporates all the critical components. Featuring a high security cam-lock with a 10 tumbler double bitted key. Incorporating a large mounting shaft for increased strength.

  • Heavier Duty Design

  • Hinge Design

    Custom steel hinges are welded or bolted, not riveted, with stainless steel and 16 gauge carbon steel components. Featuring special Pin-Lock security.

  • Weather Protection

    Protection includes a specially formed and welded lid design incorporating neoprene weather seal, lock dust cover, and internal "O" ring protection. In addition, Tuffy products are powder coated, a process superior in every way to wet paint.

  • Lid Edges

    Lid edges are double thickness creating an 1/8" thick steel rim that offers extra strength during a break-in attempt.

  • Increased Weld Strength

    Exclusive Weld-Lock design featuring tig & mig welds make Tuffy's construction stronger than other products that only use mig welds, cheap spot welds, or weak rivets.


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