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Whether you drive a Jeep, SUV or truck, you rely on it to get you where you need to go. If time has started to show its age in regards to your fuel tank or you are thinking of reinforcing your ride for off-roading, MTS Company is a leader when it comes to fuel tanks and associated accessories.


How MTS Can Benefit Your Fuel Tank

For more than 24 years, MTS has been a go-to when it comes to fuel tanks. If the situation calls for a new one, the brand has developed innovative polyethylene thanks that are high-density and high-quality. These tanks are designed for a direct fitment while offering benefits that standard tanks often don’t have. They are made without seams, minimizing the chances of a leak, and never rust. They also can withstand extreme heat or cold. If your existing tank just isn’t doing its jobs, MTS has an array of components to get it working better than ever, from vent hoses to sending units and more.


Why You Should Consider an MTS Filter

No matter where you drive your vehicle, you want to ensure the engine is getting the right mix of air and gas without unwanted debris. MTS filters are made with a rugged plastic and nylon blend that offers excellent rigidity and is resistant to solvents. These filters are also known for their durability. Knowing that fitment matters, MTS makes filters for specific fuel tank sizes to ensure your engine can continue to perform optimally.


Best Selling MTS Products

While MTS has proven itself as a go-to for fuel tanks, the brand strives to provide high-quality components to maximize any ride. Knowing how much fuel you have is essential, especially when traveling off the beaten road. The brand has fuel tank sending units that ensure you know how full the tank is. This reliable unit mounts to the rear and comes with all the necessary parts. Another MTS bestseller is its gas tank skid plate. Designed to fit 15-gallon or 21-gallon tanks, this polyethylene plate provides unbeatable protection for your tank against debris and unexpected obstacles.

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