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Superwinch Recovery Kits & Accessories

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Part of the fun of offroading is getting stuck in some sticky situations. How you get out of the mess takes some creative thinking and powerful winches. That's why you need a Superwinch on your Jeep. If you enjoy rock crawling or technical trails, the Superwinch gives you the functionality you need when you need to move a log, travel over a rock or pull yourself out of a ditch. Find the winch that's perfect for your Jeep when you know the environments you like to traverse.


Best Selling Superwinch Parts

Each Superwinch has the ability to pull different amounts of weight. You need to decide how much power you need for the situations you get yourself into. Another consideration is the type of rope you want. You can find steel ropes or synthetic ropes included with each type of winch. A winch in a box is another option if you don't want to mount one to the front of your Jeep.


Reasons to Use Superwinches

Years of manufacturing winches have made Superwinch one of the top brands in the market. They are known for durability, reliability and design. These powerful winches increase the functionality of your rock crawler. You have the ability to tow yourself or a buddy out of a jam on the trail. They can pull a large amount of weight and come with a strong rope that can withstand the loads you need to shift.


Why You Should Consider Superwinch

If you're an extreme off-roader who likes a challenge, a Superwinch is a must-have modification. These winches have remote control operations to help you stay safe when you need to tow yourself out of a ditch. The design adds to the rugged look of your ride too. With ample uses and quality construction, the Superwinch outperforms competitors.

Choose the perfect winch for your vehicle when you determine the style you want, the weight you want to tow and the options you would like to have. Install it on your Jeep and head out to your favorite trail to see what the Superwinch can do in the wilderness.


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