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Jeep Wrangler YJ Soft Tops

Here at Morris 4x4 Center, we love soft tops! It's what makes a Jeep a Jeep. Cruising down the road or through your favorite trail in the open air is how a Jeep was made to be enjoyed. That' why we carry a wide selection of soft tops from the best brands in the industry. Whether you're looking to convert your Jeep from a hard top to a soft top, replace your worn out factory top, or replace the top framework, Morris 4x4 Center has you covered! Get it? With so many options to choose from, here's a quick rundown to get you started in the right direction, but if you're still left with questions regarding what top & options are best for you, our Jeep experts are standing by to help.

Replacement Soft Tops
For Jeeps in need of sprucing up their worn out factory top, a replacement top is the way to go. They're made to use the Jeeps original soft top frame, and come with the soft top canvas and windows. If your Jeep came with half doors, there are also replacement tops that will include new upper half door skins as well. Replacement tops come in a wide array of factory colors, and depending on your model, will allow you to choose clear or privacy tinted rear windows. The tinted windows are legal in all 50 U.S. states.

Complete Soft Tops
If your Jeeps original soft top frame & hardware has seen better days, the frame is missing, or you're wanting to change it up and switch your hard top for a soft top, a complete top is the ticket. A complete soft top will not only include the canvas & windows, it will also come with the complete folding frame work and all the hardware needed to bolt it onto your Jeep. Depending on your model & doors, some complete tops will also include the complete upper half door skins with frames. No matter what combination of Jeep & doors, we have a complete soft top that will work for you.

Fastback Soft Tops
You may have seen some tops called "frameless" or "bowless" tops. These soft tops are designed to be mostly supported by your Jeeps factory roll bars. They give your Jeep the "fastback" look with the angled rear window. These tops are great if you're not looking to fold the top back too often, but want the ability to unzip the rear windows and convert the Jeep to a bikini top with ease. Some frameless tops such as the Bestop Trektop have a "sunrider" feature that allows the front section of the soft top to quickly flip back and let some sun in over the front seats. Most frameless tops come as complete tops with all hardware required for installation, but there are others that re-use some of the Jeeps factory original soft top frame. We list all the parts included with each soft top so you can make the right decision for your Jeep.

Soft Top Materials & Colors
Soft tops have been around for a long time. With each new Jeep model, improvements are made to the soft top design and material. Every Jeep has a soft top option in the classic vinyl material. Don't let the term "classic" throw you off. There's nothing classic about the quality of the vinyl materials our brands use today. It's been improved over the many years since its introduction, and a vinyl soft top will last you many years with standard cleaning & protection. If you're looking for a step up from the tried and true vinyl material, sailcloth is the way to go. Sailcloth soft tops look and feel like a vinyl soft top, but they add in an extra insulative layer between the inner and outer fabrics. It keeps the soft top tighter, and reduces wind noise. All vinyl and sailcloth soft tops are offered in the factory original color options your Jeep would have come with from the showroom floor. But if sailcloth isn't enough, and you're looking for the tip top, top, some models also come in a premium fabric option, also called Twill. You want the same soft top material that would come on a convertible Lamborghini? The premium/twill material is it! Premium/Twill tops look and feel nothing like vinyl soft tops. The material is even thicker than sailcloth! They provide the ultimate durability, sound reduction, and insulation when it comes to soft top material. They have a soft, yet thick canvas feel, with deep rich coloring. The standard premium color is black, but some of our brands offer blue, white, tan, and even red! The premium/twill material is available in replacement tops, frameless, & complete. Regardless of your preference, we have a soft top & color for you.

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Jeep Wrangler YJ Soft Tops

Most people buy Jeeps for their versatility. A Jeep takes you on the highway and city streets and can also take you up a rugged mountain road, or to challenging trails that you wouldn’t be able to reach with a crossover or a sedan. You can enjoy your Jeep with the top on or off, and that top can be a hardtop or soft. If you drive a Wrangler YJ and you are trying to decide whether a hard or soft top is right for you, or you are wondering where to find Jeep soft tops, your search can start and end here at Morris. We love Jeeps and we want you to love yours, too. That is why we work hard to provide high-quality Jeep Wrangler YJ parts and soft tops from well-known and widely trusted manufacturers. You will not regret replacing your top with one found on our virtual shelves.

Jeep soft tops are just as versatile as the Jeep itself. With it on, you will get full coverage, protection from the elements (you never know when the skies will open up on you and start pouring rain), and a comfortable ride. The great thing about soft tops is that they are easily removed, especially compared to hardtops. Not only is it easy to remove, they are just as easy to reinstall. You won’t hesitate to take it off and go topless or put it on for full coverage day in and day out. In addition, they are much easier to store. A hardtop is bulky and cumbersome. Soft tops fold up and can be stored in your garage without taking up valuable space needed for other things or you can stow it in your Jeep and always be prepared for whatever mother nature throws your way. You can choose windows for your soft top that are completely removable or opt for tops with or without doors. They all give you the chance to enjoy the open air feeling that you can only get with a Jeep. It is easy to see the perks of owning a versatile soft top.

We offer many options for tops, so you are sure to find a top that gets you the look you are going for. YJ tops come in black, grey and tan colors, all of which look great paired with any color of Jeep Wrangler. Material choices are sailcloth or vinyl and you will also be able to choose tinted or untinted windows. We stock several industry leading top producers like Bestop, Rampage, Rugged Ridge, RT Off-Road, Smittybilt, Pavement Ends and Rough Country. Their names speak for themselves. You can be confident that any soft top you choose here at Morris will fit like a glove on your Jeep. On top of the great fit, you will get long-lasting durability and can depend on it to do its job. A new soft top will refresh the appearance of your Wrangler YJ. With an upgraded soft top, you might find yourself looking for any excuse to get it out on the road or trail to show it off.

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