How to Measure a Driveshaft



Rubicon Driveshaft Measuring Diagram


Rubicon Express recommends running a rear CV driveshaft on any Jeep lifted 3.5” or taller. When lifting a vehicle, excessive compound angles are put on the conventional two joint drive shaft which creates vibration and possibly premature failure.

Common Causes of Vibration:

The two most common causes of driveshaft vibration are: Driveshaft imbalance and U-Joint operating Angles. Proper driveshaft geometry is critical. Improper driveshaft Geometry will create vibration, excessive wear and premature failure.

Driveshaft Maintenance:

Driveshaft inspection should be performed as part of a regular maintenance routine. We recommend lubricating the driveshaft at every oil change or if you’ve been in a large amount on water, whichever comes first. The lack of proper lubrication is one of the most common causes of driveline failure especially in the CV ball assembly. The CV assembly needs to be uninstalled from the transfer case yoke to properly grease with a needle type fitting for a grease gun.

Spicer recommends:

For any lubricant used on driveshaft applications, the following is recommended: •A good quality E.P.-2 (extreme pressure) grease or a compatible grease meeting N.L.G.I. Grade 2 specifications with a operating range of +325 degrees F to -10 degrees F.




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