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Jeep Rock Crawling Parts

Jeep Rock Crawling Parts

Rock crawling is one of the most intense styles of Jeep driving; rough terrain, rocks, boulders and mountains are all part of the experience. In order to successfully achieve crawling over miles of uneven surfaces (usually at a slow pace due to the bumpy ground), it is important to get the proper parts upgrades to make sure your Jeep keeps running after a hard day of crawling.

Common rock crawling upgrades include:

  • Lift kit
  • Skid plates
  • Differential lockers
  • Tires
  • Beadlock wheels
  • Upgraded bumpers
  • Winch
  • Roll cage

This is just the beginning though. Body armor, performance tuners, tire deflators, and fender flares are all just as useful when you’re taking on Moab or any other mountainous terrain. One of the most important aspects of rock crawling in your Jeep can’t be bought; a good spotter is priceless when you come across a rock with awkward angles and low visibility, so don’t forget to bring a friend or two when you plan on having a crawl session—it won’t be as fun (or safe) without them.

While some light rock crawling is achievable in a stock Jeep, it isn’t recommended. There are too many variables that can cause damage to your rig. Take on the bumpy trails and giant rocks with confidence, knowing you prepared as best you could with high quality performance parts. If you haven’t ever taken on rock crawling before, you should go with a group of experienced crawlers, and start with easy trails to get comfortable with the style and feel. Once you’ve got some experience and upgrades, gradually move up in difficulty. No matter how experienced you become, always adhere to all posted safety regulations.

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