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Jeep Water Resistant Parts

Jeep Water Resistant Parts

Your Jeep will likely get wet if you plan on having any fun with it. Going topless, mudding, taking off the doors or just getting caught in the rain will ensure that your Jeep needs water resistant parts to minimize the damage caused by water. It’s a good thing Morris 4x4 Center has several interior and exterior water-resistant parts to keep your Jeep safe while you’re doing what you love.

Interior Water-Resistant Accessories

Going topless means taking your chances with mother nature. It’s fun to play in the mud or go through shallow creeks, but not if it means causing permanent damage to the Jeep. If you don’t want to get your interior all messed up, go with water resistant replacement seats or seat covers, replacement gauges, and of course, floor liners. Bonus points for the weather-resistant VDP sound bar and some speaker enclosures.

Exterior Water-Resistant Accessories

Jeep are tough and made to take on rugged terrain. With a snorkel, you can drive right through creeks and lakes without causing damage to the engine and other crucial components. Set yourself up with a waterproof winch without having to ever worry about it, or grab a water-resistant Jeep winch cover. Other items to consider are window visors, mud flaps, and splash guards. Also, soft tops, LED lights and spare tire rear view cameras are all waterproof parts you’ll love adding to your rig.

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