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Jeep Winter Accessories

Jeep Winter Accessories

When the winter comes, Jeepers need to prepare their rigs with the proper Jeep winter accessories to keep their vehicles running safely and smoothly. There are several considerations to take into account prior to winter’s arrival, especially in regions where it snows. For starters, snow and ice make roads slick and more difficult to traverse. The snow and ice transform the roads and off-road trails, making them a lot more dangerous. The first thing you will want to procure is a good set of snow tires. These tires not have tread patterns designed for better traction in the snow, they are composed of softer rubber compounds to enhance grip.

Another consideration of winter time Jeeping is a hard top. We all love soft tops and the ability to go topless, but winter—especially in snowy states—is hard top season. Keep in more heat and insulation with a hard top, protecting from the snow piling on your roof when the Jeep is parked outside during a snow storm. For people who really embrace the snow and accompanying activities, Jeep ski and snowboard carriers are perfect additions to that hard top. Transport your snow gear from site to site for the ultimate ski trip. Other parts you’ll want to add to the rig are mud flaps, all weather floor liners, and antifreeze.

If you’re expecting blizzards and several inches of snow in a short period of time, be prepared with hi-lift jacks, traction jacks, a winch, and even a heavy-duty personal snowplow. Winter veterans love helping out their neighbors, clearing the streets, and paving the way for people who aren’t fortunate enough to own a Jeep of their own. Whatever you plan during the winter months, be sure to prepare your rig for safe and efficient operation.

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