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Jeep Shocks & Struts

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Shocks & Struts

Morris 4x4 Center: Jeep Wrangler Shocks and Struts

Looking to upgrade the suspension on your Jeep? Make sure to think about whether you want to replace your Jeep shocks and struts. If you do, we have you covered with a range of struts and shocks to choose from. We also have related parts, including strut boots, bearings, bolts, mounts, tower braces, and mount bearings. We have Jeep shocks for everyone, whether your Jeep is still at its factory height or if you lifted it to boost your ground clearance. You can even sort our shocks and struts based on the lift height. If you have any concerns as you shop, our team is here to help.

One of the great things about Jeeps is that they are versatile and capable, letting you use them for nearly anything. While this is excellent news, you will need to make some modifications to adapt your SUV to meet your exact needs. For example, maybe you want to install Jeep shocks that better absorb the bumps when you go off-roading. Or perhaps you wish to upgrade to a set of shocks that maximize your on-road performance, including your Jeep’s ability to race. No matter your goals, we have Jeep Wrangler shocks for you. You will also spot a range of Jeep struts, along with strut bolts, boots, bearings, mounts, tower braces, and mount bearings. Choose from sturdy materials like aluminum alloy, metal, steel, carbon steel, and aluminum. If you are one of those drivers who want to ensure their upgrades look great, even when they aren’t visible, then you will be happy with our selection of colors and finishes. You can choose from anodized, bare, zinc-plated, powder-coated, silver, black, white, tan, blue, black, gray, red, and more. If you need any assistance as you look for the right struts and shocks to install on your Jeep, our experts are here to help.

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