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Fender Flares

When it comes to Jeep fender flares, Morris 4x4 Center has you covered!

A good set of fender flares will not only give your Jeep the aggressive appearance you’re looking for, but they will also protect your vehicle’s body from mud and particles thrown from the tires. If you’re a true off-roader, you’ve experienced that on the trails.

Morris 4x4 Center can help you to choose that fender flares that perfectly fit your vehicle.

There’s a Jeep fender flare style for every need

In comparison with stock fenders, Jeep fender flares are more pronounced to cover the whole wheel. This is necessary when you’ve installed lift kits and larger tires.

The main objective of a fender flare is to protect from flying particles and substances coming from the tires that may hit your Jeep Wrangler. Those particles can even damage your windshield or hit other cars. That’s why they’re legally required.

Jeep Wrangler fender flares will also boost the aesthetic of your 4x4 and make it stand out from the crowd.

Getting the right fender flare style for you will depend on your preferences. Morris 4x4 Center website offers you several fender flares styles:
  • Factory style: They will give a similar look to the stock fenders. This type of fender usually fits into the factory holes so you won’t have to drill new holes.
  • Flat style: They give wheel coverage comparable to factory flares, with better approach angles and external tire clearance. It helps to increase the wheel articulation during hard off-road driving conditions.
  • Pocket style: They have a pocket design with a bolt in each pocket. Besides giving protection, they also offer a rugged and “bolt-on” look to your ride. For installation, you can use the factory holes, so you don’t need to drill.
Morris 4x4 Center site offers featured Jeep fender flare brands like Smittybilt, MCE Fenders, Bushwacker, Poison Spyder, and Rugged Ridge. They come with UV protection in a variety of shapes and colors.

Get your next Jeep fender flares at Morris 4x4 Center!

You can achieve the aggressive look you for your ride with a set of new Jeep fender flares. Whatever style you choose on the Morris’ website, you know you can give the necessary protection and wheel clearance to your Jeep. Don’t wait any longer, and make your choice with Morris 4x4 Center!
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